Celebrate Graduation with Great Audi Specials


Congratulations graduates! Whether you've already walked or are enjoying the last few weeks of college, this is the end of an era. But the end of one chapter means the beginning of the next, and you're probably looking forward to new adventures. And here at your Tom Wood Audi dealership, we want to help you along this next stretch of the road. That's why we have a special offer for new graduates, so you can get into a great car at a great price for the next stage of life.

We know that college graduates often have a more stressful time purchasing or leasing a new car than older adults - but not at Audi Indianapolis. We're making it easier for recent graduates by giving you a chance to get the new Audi car of your dreams without requiring a credit history, since many college students haven't had a chance to create one. Even better, we know cash flow can be tight until you settle into your post-graduate job, so we require no security deposit from recent graduates. 

Best of all, we'll still offer you competitive rates - even if you don't have that credit history yet. And no, you don't need to ask a parent to co-sign, because we'll treat you like the adult you are! And if you're getting excited, but concerned it's been too long since graduation, don't worry - this offer is valid for 24 months after your graduation date.

Graduating from college is an exciting event, and you deserve an exciting car to go with it. So visit our dealership today to select your pre-owned Audi A4 or 2018 Audi Q7. Indianapolis, IN drivers, and other local graduates from Carmel, IN or Fishers, IN, will find not only great cars but the expert help to guide them through the process of buying or leasing. Take advantage of our College Graduate Offer here at Audi Indianapolis!

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